First Blog from Joris

Hi! First of all thanks for visiting 112FireRescue. This would be my first blog on 112FireRescue. So let me introduce myself!

I’m Joris Senhorst. Since 2014 i’m a firefighter at Brandweer Giesbeek. 
A few years ago i created 112FireRescue on instagram. This because i thought it was fun to got some followers. In the meantime 112FireRescue has grown to 17,400 followers at the time of writing. For me that is unbelievable

As said before, I am a firefighter in Giesbeek (the Netherlands) It’s a small place. Last year (2018) we got 39 incidents. You can see from this that we are not a very large fire brigade garage.

We practice once every 2 weeks on the Monday evening. Every evening is dedicated to a different task that we perform.

I also manage the social media for Brandweer Giesbeek. I write a short message on the pages about every incident. This is to inform our villagers what we have done. The information that we provide there is fairly global. The details are not discussed. This is because it is often about privacy for the “victims”

In daily life I am a system administrator for a hosting company. When I am a bit later because I have been away with the fire department. This is not a problem at all. We have made some agreements about this. Unfortunately I can’t go with the fire department during the day. This is because the arrival time is 15 minutes for me. The fire engine must already be on the road after about 6 minutes. That’s why I made the choice to just stay at work.

In the next blogs i will write something about what we do at our firedepartment!


Stay tuned!

First blog post

Welcome to our first blog on 112FireRescue. The website is still under construction! We are working with different people to write some blogs.

I hope i can give you more information soon!

Greetings Joris Senhorst & Team 112firerescue