2nd Blog Sharon (brandweer.meisje)

Sharon Draaisma

One of our first bloggers!


The crew training

I have been busy with training for a while now.

Little by little the material becomes more and more difficult. Sometimes a lot of homework and sometimes not much and in addition we have the LWPO (apprenticeship assignments) that we have to do together with our supervisor at our own post. These are, for example, assignments such as what is in the TS, your own catchment area and a trail with breathing air. I have now completed these assignments by creating a report.

At the training we are now mainly exploring and entering.

And walk a lot with breathing air. Last week we walked in smoky space for the first time. This took some getting used to because your view was so limited that you saw nothing. We also had to enter our mask with a piece of foam and look for a victim. This was very special, especially because you saw nothing at all and you had to do everything by ear and touch. And of course you have to

Trusting each other. Hereby I was able to feel my first breathlessness. That was a shock but good school is there to learn and I now know how I have to deal with this.

We are also very busy with communication, what do you pass on to the commander, for example.

All interesting lessons and chapters that we cover. It is especially a lot of practice which is also nice because I am doing a lot


In 3 weeks we are going to Wijster for the first time. And so we are really going to practice with fire, I am naturally looking forward to this. I am really curious how the heat feels. What this day was like I will tell you in my next blog. For the first time a week vacation, but me

Don’t sit still, of course. We just practice on our own department!

Until the next blog.



First Blog Cézanne

Hi dear readers,

Welcome to my first blog on this beautiful website!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Cézanne and I work for a voluntary fire department. I also work as a public transport enforcer in Amsterdam.

Because I experience a lot with the fire brigade and with my permanent job, I will share my experiences in the coming blogs.


My regular job consists of card checking but also driving around Amsterdam to respond to various reports. This differs from aggressive travelers and payment problems to sleepers and unwell people in public transport. I experience various things worth mentioning here, suicides for the train, collisions with person and means of transport and sometimes aggression.


The fire brigade is also very diverse, namely fires, technical assistance / services and resuscitation. Sometimes we are also alerted to suicides for the train because there is a chance that we will be faster than the other emergency services that respond to this.


I will try to blog as much and as clearly as possible the messages that have impressed me over the past and coming period.


I think it is very important that traumatic events are made negotiable, so also for you; if you need a listening ear, advice or just have a question, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail. I try to answer as quickly as possible.


Of course you can always e-mail me to share a nice experience, who knows, maybe I will mention it in one of my blogs!


Dear greetings and until the next blog,





First Blog Sharon (Brandweer.meisje)

Sharon Draaisma

One of our first bloggers!


Hoi Allemaal,

Allereerst bedankt voor het bezoeken van 112FireRescue. Joris Joris heeft mij benaderd om voor jullie elke maand een blog te gaan schrijven, wat ik super leuk vind!

So here’s my first blog on 112FireRescue.

Ik zal mij eerst even voorstellen. Mijn naam is Sharon Draaisma. Sinds dit jaar ben ik aspirant bij post Joure en sinds Juni ben ik begonnen aan de manschap opleiding.

Een maand geleden heb ik de instagram pagina @Brandweer.meisje opgezet @brandweer.meisje omdat ik het leuk vond om mensen te laten zien wat de opleiding tot manschap inhoudt en het werk als vrijwilliger bij de brandweer. En natuurlijk hoop ik mensen en vooral meisjes/vrouwen warm te maken voor het werk bij de brandweer. Zoals eerder gezegd ben ik aspirant bij de post Joure. Joure is een klein plaatsje in Friesland.

We practice every Monday night and in addition I have every Wednesday a training evening at the barracks in Sneek. My blogs will mainly be about the training to manhood as I just started the training so in my blogs you will mainly come across what we deal with during the training, the practice days, the assignments we have to make and what it is like to work with the ELO (learning environment of the fire brigade) I hope to give you a little bit of a good idea of ​​what the training to manhood means. In the following blogs I will write something about the first lessons and assignments after the holidays.



First Blog from Joris

Hi! First of all thanks for visiting 112FireRescue. This would be my first blog on 112FireRescue. So let me introduce myself!

I’m Joris Senhorst. Since 2014 i’m a firefighter at Brandweer Giesbeek. 
A few years ago i created 112FireRescue on instagram. This because i thought it was fun to got some followers. In the meantime 112FireRescue has grown to 17,400 followers at the time of writing. For me that is unbelievable

As said before, I am a firefighter in Giesbeek (the Netherlands) It’s a small place. Last year (2018) we got 39 incidents. You can see from this that we are not a very large fire brigade garage.

We practice once every 2 weeks on the Monday evening. Every evening is dedicated to a different task that we perform.

I also manage the social media for Brandweer Giesbeek. I write a short message on the pages about every incident. This is to inform our villagers what we have done. The information that we provide there is fairly global. The details are not discussed. This is because it is often about privacy for the “victims”

In daily life I am a system administrator for a hosting company. When I am a bit later because I have been away with the fire department. This is not a problem at all. We have made some agreements about this. Unfortunately I can’t go with the fire department during the day. This is because the arrival time is 15 minutes for me. The fire engine must already be on the road after about 6 minutes. That’s why I made the choice to just stay at work.

In the next blogs i will write something about what we do at our firedepartment!


Stay tuned!

First blog post

Welcome to our first blog on 112FireRescue. The website is still under construction! We are working with different people to write some blogs.

I hope i can give you more information soon!

Greetings Joris Senhorst & Team 112firerescue